Soulja boy tellem

Soulja boy tellem

Mega grateful


Thank you honey. I remember you saying that I’d been brave when I posted about the nightmares and stuff, but I really don’t think I have been. I’ve just been incredibly, insanely lucky to have a massive and caring support network - you especially, you’ve helped more than I can ever pay you back for. I don’t know what I’d do without you, and I’m so glad for you and everyone else.

Really makes me realise what a number she did on me xD but at the same time also makes me even more grateful for the amazing friends and people I have around me

Megamind. Incredibly handsome criminal genius, and master of all villainy.

Turning my blog into a megamind fan-blog

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Shopping tip


Something I’ve literally just realised after however many shopping trips:

If you take a large backpack to put shopping in (like I do all the time), you can actually put that back pack on your back when you cycle back! You don’t actually have to try and stuff a backpack and two carrier bags full of shopping into a tiny bike basket! Backpacks can be used on your back

Sometimes I honestly wonder how I remember to breathe some days.

I’m smart

At work and all I wanna be doing is exploring Tartarus